puppy with a shirt

This is Daisy in a shirt . It was really cute, and funny. I like to play with Daisy in my backyard . In this picture Daisy is wearing my brother’s shirt . Daisy is a white and brown puppy who loves to play .


Easter 2022

My grandmother, who I call grammy, made this bunny cake for Easter last year. It was delicious! Easter this year was really fun. We had an egg hunt a got a lot of candy. I saw my cousins and family. My dog and my aunt’s dog were there. The dinner was fabulous and we had a different bunny cake for dessert. I wore a gown that looked like the midnight sky. When I was playing with my cousin, “Y”, when we found newborn kittens in the kitty house outside. Their eyes weren’t open and they couldn’t walk. They looked healthy. There were four kittens. There were two black kittens and two tabbies.