Seeking Simplicity

“Where do we go from here?” My husband and I sat on a hotel bed with a pizza between us, finally alone for a moment to talk. We desperately needed a change. A new job with too much travel and too much overtime had us all strained and unfulfilled.

I wrote out our dreams and life plans in a spiral notebook, to give form to our thoughts. Our lists followed a surprisingly simple theme- growing some of our own food, seeking and knowing God, daily contact with nature, owning a piece of land, spending time with loved ones, devoting more time for volunteer work and experiencing as many beautiful and adventurous places as we can.

Inspired by our conversation and all our prior restlessness, we are on the path to a simpler life. Where do we go from here? I will let you know when I find out. In the meantime, this blog will chronicle our family’s journey of new beginnings.